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€28.00 €19.60

30% OFF - Small Weaving Loom with small defect

Twice a year, we offer looms and tools that did not pass our strict quality control at a 30% or 40% discount, depending on the defect.

For example, they have small damages in the wood or are a little wobbly. They still perfectly usable and the past learned us that many of you don't mind and snagged them away very quickly, so don't wait too long if you have an eye on one of them!


The Small Weaving Loom is our little baby in the collection and your best travel companion! It is the perfect loom to take with you wherever you go and it is also a great first loom for beginners, kids or to make samples for your bigger weaving projects.

Weaving Loom Small comes with:

- 2 weaving shuttles Small

- Heddle Bar Small

- Handmade Stand (optional)


- 7 threads per inch

- 4 mm between the threads

The loom is made from a fine quality beech wood.

Overall dimensions:

L35cm x W26cm x H5cm // L 13,8 inch x W 10,2 inch x H 2 inch

Warping area:

L29cm x W19 cm // L 11,4 inch x W 7,5 inch