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XL Weaving Project Kit Vintage Blue Jeans

XL Weaving Project Kit, all you need to make a big weave!

Get started with our XL loom, a lovely big loom that comes with a heddle bar to speed up the weaving process. You can opt for the stand, which we highly recommend for this big size of loom.

This XL Weaving Project Kit contains:

- Weaving Loom XL

- Heddle Bar XL

- 2 Weaving Shuttles XL

- Cotton Warp Thread Medium (100 grams)

- Handmade Weaving Comb in 6mm Red Oak Hardwood

- Weaving Needle

- Wooden tapestry bobbin

- 1 skein of Organic Merino Wool Roving in color Woolly White 100 grams

- 1 skein of Chunky Wool in color Creamy White 100 grams

- 1 skein of Woolly Yarn in color Pastel Pink 100 grams

- 1 skein of Recycled Denim Yarn in color Light Blue 100 grams

- 1 skein of Organic Merino Wool Roving in color Indigo Mix 100 grams

- 10 meters of Copper Metallic Cord

- Cotton Project Bag

- Digital instruction guide in English, French or Dutch. Will be e-mailed to you once the loom is shipped.

Overall dimensions of the XL Loom:

L53cm x W42cm x H6cm // L 21 inch x W 16,5 inch x H 2,4 inch

Warping area:

L46cm x W38 cm // L 18 inch x W 15 inch