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Set of 4 Metal Clamps

A great addition to our looms is this set of 4 metal clamps.

It allows you to fix the loom and warp bar on a tabletop before you start warping it. This method makes it really easy to make longer weavings than the frame only.

How to use:

- Fix the frame on one side of the table

- Take the opposite warp bar out of the frame and fix it on the other side of the table. Make sure the frame and warp bar are positioned perfectly parallel.

- Warp the frame

- Remove the clamps of the separate warp bar and gently roll it back into the frame. Fix with the wing nuts.

- Remove the clamps of the frame.

- Ready to go!

See the additional pictures for illustration.

Important: the maximum thickness of warp bar + tabletop is 44 mm.

For example, the warp bar of loom L / XL / XXL is 27 mm thick.

Which means the tabletop should not be more than 17 mm thick.

This listing contains 4 metal clamps.

The felt tops are not included.


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