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We had the chance to ask Kate Hemm a few questions about her weaving journey and routine. Discover all her weaving tips and secrets!

When and why did you start weaving?

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a serial crafter; I love the process of learning and making things with my hands. However, most of my “go to” crafts involve sharp needles that usually end up sticking out of the sofa. So after my son was born in 2019, I needed to find something a bit more “baby proof”. And that’s how I discovered weaving. I started with circular weaving because you don’t need any special tools, and it doesn’t take up any space. And before I knew it, I had a couple of looms, a closet full of yarn and string, and walls full of weavings.

Was it love at first sight?

Absolutely! Weaving has been such a liberating experience for me, and allowed me to see myself as more than just a “hobby crafter.” I think all creatives have a moment when we’re like, “is it fraudulent to call myself an artist…?” But weaving showed me that I AM an artist because I create art. And that’s love.

Complete this sentence: weaving brought *** to my life?

Weaving brought far too much yarn into my life. Seriously. So much yarn.

Who is your favorite fiber artist?

I’ve admired the work of Peruvian artist, Ana Teresa Barboza for a really long time. Her multi-dimensional, mixed media textile art absolutely takes my breath away and I can barely comprehend the sheer scale and complexity of her textile creations. I love fiber art inspired by nature that uses traditional techniques, textiles and mediums in unexpected and convention-defying ways; and her artwork is the epitome of that.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from abstract art. I see weaving as a form of painting with fiber, and that excites me. And so I like the challenge of trying to translate the organic randomness of abstract painting into woven fiber art.

What would be your dream project if there are no limitations?

My main limitation is the size of my looms, so I’d love to weave something large scale, length wise; the kind of thing you would hang in a stairway or in a room with tall ceilings.

What are your favorite Fūnem Studio products?

It goes without saying that I love Fūnem Studio looms — I’m the proud owner of every size. Currently, my go-to favorite fiber is viscose art yarn. I’m also obsessed with the chunky wave felt yarn. Felted yarn has always been really intimidating to me, but I’ve found that it makes the best chunky knots and I especially love the thick and thin texture in my weavings.

How do you start on a new creation, what is the process?

I warp my loom and weave. I wish I had some inspiring creative process to share, but for me personally, it is as simple as sitting down and doing it. I’m an overthinking perfectionist, and if I have a specific plan to follow, I get bogged down in the little details and question every decision. I might have a general idea or color palette in mind, but generally I just pick fibers as I go along and see what my hands want to do with them. As you can imagine, my studio is a (creative!) mess when I’m working on a new piece — there’ll be yarn and string laying on every available surface — but I’ve found that weaving is the only time I can truly let go of all my inhibitions.

Favorite material(s) and/or technique(s)?

The scope of my weaving “style” is fairly broad because I’m always looking to experiment, so my favorite materials and techniques really depend on what style I’m trying to accomplish. But if I had to pick a favorite technique, I’d probably choose tabby.

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