Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are automatically calculated when you place your order and depend on the chosen shipping methods and shipping address.

We are happy to inform that since June 2023, we have lowered our shipping costs worldwide. Here is a recap of the main destinations:

- USA/Canada: 9.9€ (priority)

- France: 6.50€ (standard) / 19€ (priority)

- Germany: 5.90€ (standard) / 12€ (priority)

- United Kingdom: 12€ (standard) / 19€ (priority)

- Belgium: 7€ (standard)

- Netherlands: 5.90€ (standard) / 12€ (priority)

- Spain, Italy, Gibraltar, Ireland: 8.90€ (standard)

If you cannot find your country, please make a simulation directly at checkout, thank you.

The shipping address you enter will appear on the shipping label automatically. Please make sure that it is correct and complete.




You will be notified by e-mail once the shipping label is created. The actual shipment takes place soon after.

If you opted for Standard Shipping, please note that some local carriers add their own tracking number to the parcel. If you cannot find this code, please let us know and we will look it up.


Transit Times


Delivery to Belgium and The Netherlands: allow 1-2 business days for delivery once you received our shipping confirmation.


Delivery within Europe: allow 2-10 business days for delivery once you received our shipping confirmation. If you opted for UPS or FedEx it usually arrives within 2-5 business days.


Delivery to the rest of the world: allow 4-15 business days for delivery once you received our shipping confirmation if you opted for Economy or Standard Shipping. Priority shipment is the fastest shipment possible, with delivery taking place between 1-5 business days once in transit. Priority shipments are always prioritized over Economy shipments. Delays are unfortunately sometimes inevitable but mostly happen to Economy shipments as Priority is being 'prioritized'.


We are not responsible for delays during shipment and customs declaration.

If an order is extremely delayed or seems to be lost, let us know. We are allowed to fill a claim if your order did not arrive after 30 days.




In the unlikely event that you accepted a package that did not seem to be damaged but the item inside is damaged, do not handle the package any further. Please send an email to with images of the outside (including a photo of the shipping label) and inside of the package (including the inside packaging) and the damaged items within 3 days after receipt. Otherwise we cannot fill a claim, unfortunately.




All customs and import duties are the responsibility of the recipient (and/or purchaser of the items).

Please note that the UK is no longer part of the EU. For UK:

  • Orders under 135 GBP are sent DDP (delivered duty paid)
  • Orders over 135 GBP are sent DAP (delivered at Place)