Passion for textures and colors

Fūnem Studio is founded in 2015 by fashion designer Jantine van Peski to share her love for textiles, craftsmanship and her passion for weaving. Many years of creating textile objects provided her with in-depth knowledge of different materials and crafting supplies which resulted in a high quality collection of tools, yarns and wool.

Spreading joy through weaving

We make weaving accessible to everyone, while providing community experts with a consistent variety of the highest quality materials to allow them to continue to grow.

  • Tradition & modernity

    Offering you modern compositions and designs while encouraging the practice of an ancestral technique is our daily challenge.

  • Slow life

    Creative expression is a proven way to improve mental health and an escape from the quick pace of life.

  • Equipment that last a lifetime

    We ensure that our products are of the highest quality so that you enjoy them for a long time while offering the best weaving experience.

Learn how to weave

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