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Cotton Warp Thread - Bundle Earth


Get several shades of your favorite tones and save with this bundle of 3.

It includes (from left to right):

Cotton Warp Thread - Ivory
Cotton Warp Thread - Driftwood
Cotton Warp Thread - Chocolate

Each cone is approximately 100 grams and 300 meters / 328 yards long. The thread is around 0.8mm thick.

The choice of warp thread should be carefully considered as it forms the foundation of your piece and the structure on which you will weave.

The thread should be strong and smooth and able to withstand the friction and stretching created by the weaving action.

This cotton thread has been produced in Spain with the rigours of weaving in mind. It has been hard twisted for strength and durability and the natural smoothness of cotton ensures the weft will move smoothly across the warp.

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Cotton Warp Thread - Bundle Earth
Cotton Warp Thread - Bundle Earth
Cotton Warp Thread - Bundle Earth


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