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Embark on a timeless journey of creativity with weaving, an art form that enables artists to craft intricate and captivating textile pieces. Despite the boundless possibilities within this craft, the limitations imposed by frame sizes can sometimes hinder the realization of larger projects. But fear not, fellow weavers, for we are here to guide you through a transformative journey that breaks free from the constraints of traditional weaving frames.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore innovative techniques that promise to expand the boundaries of your weaving projects. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to create weavings longer than the frame, granting you the freedom to pursue larger and more intricate designs. This game-changing technique will open up new avenues for your creativity, offering endless possibilities for crafting scarves, table runners, and even dishcloths. It's time to redefine the scope of your weaving projects, and we're thrilled to be your companions on this artistic journey. Follow our lead as we introduce you to a revolutionary approach that adds versatility to your weaving endeavors. Let's dive into the world of limitless creativity and elevate your weaving experience to new lengths! 

Are you ready to take your weaving to new lengths?

This tutorial will guide you through the process, follow our lead.

Let 's get to it…

Before anything else, ensure you have all the necessary materials for your weaving project, including a weaving frame, your chosen yarn, a shuttle, a comb or fork for beating down the weft, scissors, and additional dowels or rods.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • 1. Fix the Frame:

    Start by securing the frame on one side of the table using two sturdy metal clamps. This ensures a stable base for your extended weaving project.

  • 2. Opposite Warp Bar:

    Unscrew the opposite warp bar and secure it on the other side of the table with two additional metal clamps, ensuring perfect alignment for consistent warp length.

  • 3. Warp the frame:

    Begin the weaving process by warping the frame. This step sets the foundation for your extended weaving project.

  • 4. Roll Back the Warp Bar:

    With the frame clamped securely, remove the clamps from the separate warp bar. Gently roll it back into the frame, ensuring a smooth and even process.

  • 5. Insert Paper Strips:

    To prevent tangling, insert paper strips between the layers of warp. Secure them in place with wing nuts, adding an extra layer of organization to your extended weaving setup.

  • 6. Keep Rolling:

    Continue rolling the loom to unwind more warp, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted weaving.

Exploring the Possibilities with Funem Studio's Weaving Loom

Now that you've mastered the art of extending your weaving endeavors, let's dive into the exciting projects awaiting you with Funem Studio's versatile weaving loom.


Specifically crafted for you, this collection offers detailed instructions to bring your designs to life. Choose between two unique designs, Countryside & Seaside, and select from an array of colorways (Sand, Eternal Snow, Picnic & Sailor). Craft your personalized set of dishcloths using certified 100% Recycled Denim Yarn. The tutorial fiber bundle provides not only the yarns but also a digital pattern, ensuring an enjoyable and eco-friendly weaving experience. Plus, with the inclusion of our XL Weaving Loom with a stand, you're equipped with our largest loom size for optimal creative freedom.

Tea Towel

Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with our Tea Towels Collection, a collaborative effort with Lara Stamm from Studio Stiller. This collection is designed to simplify your creative process, offering easy-to-follow digital patterns and a comprehensive video tutorial. Choose from three distinctive designs (Stripes, Checks & Lines) and three captivating colorways (Hortensia, Pomegranate & Pebble) to craft your bespoke tea towels. The tutorial fiber bundle includes the necessary yarns, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Accompanied by our XL Weaving Loom, this kit provides the tools for creating functional and stylish kitchen essentials.

Fluffy & Icicle Scarf

Unleash your creativity and embrace cozy creations with our Scarf Kit, offering a stylish accessory for any occasion. The kit includes a weaving loom in your preferred size (ranging from medium to XLarge) and features a heddle bar to expedite the weaving process. With two shuttles and 3x Woolly yarn in the color of your choice, you have the freedom to design a scarf that reflects your unique style. The Scarf Kit empowers you to make a fashion statement while enjoying the tactile joy of weaving.


Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to make weavings longer than the frame. This technique opens up a world of possibilities for larger and more intricate projects, enabling you to unleash your creativity without limitations. We offer a variety of yarns, colors, and patterns you can experiment with to create truly unique and expansive woven masterpieces. At Fūnem Studio, we believe in empowering your creativity. Whether you choose to make charming dishcloths, stylish tea towels, or cozy scarves, this technique opens doors to a world of extended weaving projects. As you venture into the realm of extended weavings, remember that practice makes perfect, and each project is an opportunity for growth and innovation.

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